Tanya at Hear Say worked closely with our son for almost 2 years. She was patient, diligent and creative and managed to not only find ways to engage our son’s attention and develop his vocabulary, but to also instill in him a curiosity about learning and pride in his verbal expression. Tanya was adaptable and committed to keeping us (as parents) and our son’s preschool teachers informed and engaged in the whole process. We now have a confident boy who is ready to start school both at a technical academic level but also at a social and emotional level. We would not hesitate to recommend Tanya, and our son will miss their regular 1:1 sessions.

Debbie and Aaron



I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tanya Collett as a speech therapist. We have been taking our daughter to see Tanya for 5 months and the transformation in her speech during this time has been phenomenal. Tanya always prepares thoroughly before a session and each week she has a new exciting activity to make speech practice fun and interesting. Keeping a 2 and now 3 year old focussed can be a challenge, but Tanya is wonderful at adapting a session to ensure it’s productive.  She takes a genuine interest in your child and always sends fantastic summaries of the session and provides you with tasks to practice at home. Our daughter has made stunning progress with Tanya and for that we are incredibly appreciative.


Ryan and Sarah


My youngest son was only two years old when our Plunket Nurse first became concerned about his speech development, followed by our Audiologist and Preschool Teachers, they all referred Dominic to the Ministry of Education (Special Education) for Speech Therapy. Dominic had just turned three when we first had the pleasure of meeting Tanya.

I was so concerned for Dominic and what future hurdles he may face with  his speech difficulties but Tanya was brilliant at calming my fears and quickly became a true partner in seeking Dominic’s full potential. Tanya was amazing with Dom, always kept him engaged and entertained in the therapy process and quickly became the highlight of his week. Tanya’s philosophy of acting more as a parent coach was refreshing and armed us with everything we needed to ensure Dom stayed on track. Dom has improved immensely since we first met with Tanya in February 2013, we will continue with sessions in 2014 and feel confident that when Dominic starts school he will be on par with his peers.

If ever given the opportunity, I would highly recommend Tanya Collett to anyone who is in need of a speech therapist!

Eloise, Dominic’s Mummy


Our son aged 7 years, has been seeing Tanya for 1 year. We arranged for Tanya to see him every week at school for a 30 minute lesson. This has been great as it is done at a time that maximises his learning.

Tanya easily gained his confidence and co-operation, and together they have played games to address his needs. She identified he liked I.T games and has used this to gain his interest and understanding.

Each week activities have been sent home so we can reinforce each particular area of learning.

Tanya provides regular reports on his progress and these give very clear feedback.

We would highly recommend Tanya, she is approachable, professional, very organised and clearly has a passion for the work she does. Tanya wants to provide an accessible service that families can realistically afford, something that has meant our son has had the help he has needed!

Kirsty and Steve